Why We Made the MALTING Business OUR Business:

To REVIVE an historically New York State Crop, view the history of barley production from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.

To REDIVERSIFY the region’s agriculture; part of our wish is to bring diversity to the corn-based monoculture of this region.
      A wider diversity of crops can lead to a more stable agricultural economy for New York State and the surrounding region.
     The impact is amazing as seen in this study by FAO Crop Diversification
      To be beneficial to our agricultural community during climate change: Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change .

…and thereby REBUILD a bridge between Farmers and Brewers. See the long history of beer in New York as displayed by the
      New-York Historical Society presents Beer Here: Brewing New York's History .

We are printing our bags !!!

East Coast Malts New Bag

Cornell Cooperative Extension Barley Trials Results

The barley trials results have been posted !!! See how New york is gaining a foot hold on a sustainable barley market. Please view the offcial posting here : Barley Trials 2013